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We do not accept aggressive dogs in the training facility. If your dog has aggressive tendencies please contact us about In-Home Training


Agility is one of the most popular dog sports to watch and compete in! It’s a great way to have fun, get exercise, and stimulate your dog’s mind as well as learn new skills and build a great relationship.
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It’s never too early to start training. Socializing and helping your pup learn to behave are the most important responsibilities you will have as a puppy owner!
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Does your dog need to learn the basic commands to behave? Or maybe your dog can do the basics in your home but is completely unfocused in a new environment around other people and other dogs. Manners classes can help turn your dog into a pleasure to live with.
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Obedience & Rally

These foundation and up classes will teach you the skills you need to be a successful team at these exciting sports! You’ll learn everything from handling to heeling and beyond.
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Specialized skill classes including therapy work, nose work, tricks classes, and more.
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One-on-one training at the Lucky Dog facility designed to fix your dog’s specific behavior problems. It can take as little as one private session, depending on the severity of the problem.
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Service Dog Owner Training
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Other Services

Nail Trims, Dental Cleanings, Doggie Massages, oh my!
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