Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get your dog out of the house to learn some good behaviors and have some fun while doing it. If you have a dog that is nervous or scared and tends to react aggressively around other dogs or people, you will need to set up a private session with one of our trainers prior to signing up for a group class. Each class will consist of no more than 7 dogs per class so that you and your dog will get plenty of observation by the trainer. All of our basic group classes run for 6 consecutive weeks (unless there is a holiday) with each class lasting about 50 minutes. Click below to see a listing of classes. Classes that have a “Enroll” button next to them or still open and available to sign up.
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Private Training

To deal with all types of behavior issues including: high energy, jumping, barking, digging, fear aggression, etc. or it can just be a session for you and your dog to learn all the basics.
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Positive training for Positive people

1. Learn To Communicate
2. Create A Strong Bond
3. Build A Solid Foundation
4. Most important…Have Fun!!

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Are you ready to get started training your dog?

We have classes for all ages, sizes and breeds.
We offer all types of classes, from Puppy basics to Agility Sports and Fun Tricks.
We have evening classes to work around your daytime schedule.
Yes, you can bring your other family members to watch and learn, too.
We also offer In-home private sessions if your dog isn’t ready for a group.
Our Training Center is an indoor climate controlled facility.
We have rubber mat floors for your dogs safety.
If you’re ready to get started, click on “Classes” or “Private Training.” We look forward to meeting you!

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State of the Art

Dog Friendly Cozy Facility

With respect to your need to stand out from the pack we offer you a panoply of cutting-edge options to carve out your niche in today’s competitive marketplace.

We Train with the Best

Competition-Grade Equipment

We take pride in supporting you all the way through. We commit ourselves as problem-solvers and crisis-resolvers.

Helping Dogs, Training Humans

We Specialize in Your Success

Part of training dogs is training humans. We know that working with our clients is the most important part of our job because you are the one that will be training the dog. We love working with people as much as we do the dogs.

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