Agility dogs come in all sizes

Dog Agility

The sport of agility has taken off in the last few years among dog enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike! It’s a great way to have fun, get exercise, and build a great relationship with your dog. We hear from lots of people who think that their dog would love to try agility, but they don’t know where to get started. Here at Lucky Dog, we’re very beginner friendly and can help you from your first lesson to your first competition and beyond! If you’re ready to try this exciting sport with your dog, read on to figure out which class is best for you.


  • Your dog must have successfully completed Lucky Dog Manners 2, be 7 months or older, and must not be aggressive.
  • You must keep your dogs nails trimmed for the health and safety of the dog and to prevent damage to the equipment.
  • If you have NOT taken previous classes at Lucky Dog, please call us to set up an appointment to assess your dog’s skills prior to signing up for agility classes.
  • Your dog must be up to date on all vaccinations.  If you are using titers, we require you to bring them to your first class and they will be reviewed yearly.

Agility Foundations

This is the first class recommended to get you started in Agility.  You will learn the basic handling skills required for the human side and a few of the obstacles and exercises required for your dog.  Some of the skills covered are starting line stays, touch, spins, close, and go around. We also work on building engagement to keep your dog focused on working with you.  Equipment introduced will be the ladder, wobble board, tunnel, plank, jumps (no bar), table, and lots of exercises to get your dog in shape.
Cost: $150 – a 6 week class that meets for one hour, once a week

Agility Obstacles – Levels 101-301

So you completed the foundations class and you’re hooked, right?  Now you’re ready to learn Agility Obstacles with your dog!  There are lots of obstacles for you and your dog to learn, so we’ve structured them in a sequence that sets you and your dog up to be a successful team.  You will want to sign up for the Obstacles 1 class first, and then follow with classes 2 and 3.  You must be successful with the equipment in each class before moving to the next level.
Cost: $150 – a 6 week class that meets for one hour, once a week

Agility Drop-In

Now you’re having fun AND you’re devoted to bringing your dog to Agility class weekly (and if you miss a class, your dog pouts).  Whether you’re planning to compete or just playing for fun, the next level of Agility will have you captivated. These drop-in classes have you and your dog running courses in a mock trial situation.  Your dog must know all the equipment and you must have completed the previous agility courses.
Cost: $27 per class