We do not accept aggressive dogs in group classes. If your dog has aggressive tendencies, please fill out the form below with as much detail as you can and one of our trainers will follow up with you.

Private Sessions at Lucky Dog Training Center

Do you have some specific training issues that are not covered in our group classes or maybe you just need a little more individual guidance on a specific behavior?  We do offer private sessions in our training center.  These session are private one-on-one sessions, but are less expensive than our in-home sessions.  If the behavior issue is in public, we can also meet you in locations to help work on specific issues.  If you would like to set up a private session with us, please fill out this form and one of our trainers will get back to you.

Puppy Training Package $553.50

Training with your puppy while they are still young is critical to make sure they have great socialization skills as an adult.  We see so many owners struggle with their adult dogs behavior around other dogs and people.  Typically, this is because the dog was not socialized enough as a puppy.

We highly recommend to start with our Puppy Package if you have a new puppy. The package consists of the following:

In-home training session: Here are just a few of the things we will work on; how to handle puppy mouthing, how to use your crate in a positive manner, what you can and can not leave on the floor, what/how to play with your dog, potty training schedules, etc. and last but certainly not least we will talk about the importance of how to socialize your puppy around people, dogs and strange things.

Puppy Kindergarten group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center that teaches the puppy basics; clicker training, name recognition, impulse control, how to greet with another dog on leash, sit, down, stay, come, leave-it and our fabulous emergency re-call.  We also add puppy socialization with objects that your puppy might not typically see in your home such as a wheel chair, walker, crutches, plastic tarps, etc.

Manners 1 group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center.  This session helps you build a stronger foundation with the commands you learned in puppy class, plus we will add new commands like place, more loose leash walking, sit at the door, etc.

Manners 2 group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center.     In this class we will begin adding bigger distractions for your dog to be successful in the real world.  Your dog will learn to stay focused while other dogs are moving around within 5-10′ of them, people and dogs are running, balls are flying, etc.  We also practice the 10 steps of the Canine Good Citizen test.  After you and your dog have completed the Manners 2 class you will be ready for a Sports class such as Agility or maybe a fun class such as What a Lucky Dog.

Specific Behavioral Problems

Dog behaviors that are learned and/or exhibited in the home should be trained in the home.  If your dog has a specific behavior issue such as: separation anxiety, jumping on your guest, barking/lunging at other dogs, digging, chewing, pulling on a leash, etc.,  these behaviors typically require an In-Home training session.  It can take as little as one private session or many sessions depending on the severity of the problem.  Some of the training time is spent with the owner to make sure you understand the training concept and the other time is hands on training with your dog.

  • One 50 min. session at Training Facility – $85
  • One 50 min. session in Public setting  – $150
  • Package – $540
    1 – In-home training session,
    3 – (6 week) classes at Lucky Dog Training Center
  • One 90 min. in-home training session – $165
  • Four 60 min in-home training sessions – $500
  • If additional time is needed in your session- $20 per 15 min.

NOTE: If you need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson, we require at least 24 hours notice. Late cancellations will be charged the full price of the lesson.

Please fill out the form below. Please include as many details as possible. One of our trainers will be in touch ASAP!

Lesson Time: