AKC Fetch

AKC Fetch

The American Kennel Club (AKC) conducted a study to determine the favorite activity of dogs, and the most common response from dog owners was taking walks and playing ball. In order to create an activity that both owners and dogs could enjoy, the AKC created "AKC Fetch". This non-competitive sport provides mental and physical exercise for dogs while strengthening the bond between dog and handler. The objective of AKC Fetch is to teach dogs to reliably chase and return an item. There are four levels in this sport - novice, intermediate, advanced, and retriever - which test the dogs' retrieval skills, similar to those found in competitive obedience and hunting dog trials. Whether you aspire to earn titles for your dog or simply want to enhance their instinct to retrieve, you will have a great time participating in this exciting sport. So get ready, set, FETCH!

Welcome to our four-week class that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of fetch. In this class, we will cover various aspects of fetch, including retrieving items while in motion, developing a reliable recall with possession of the item, and fostering a willingness to deliver the item to the handler. We will progress through each level, from novice to retriever, following the difficulty guidelines set by the AKC. Please note that dogs must be six months or older to participate, and all breeds are welcome.


Completion of Advanced Manners or instructor approval


$150 for a four-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week

Testing will follow class for those who wish to earn their title, date TBD.

Notes for class:

Week one of class is humans-only. Please leave your pups at home!

Bring your retrieve item each week - acceptable items are a tennis ball (or equivalent), ball on a rope, bumper, or toy (such as a Kong Wubba).