Puppy Training

Train Early Train Often

Puppy Training

When should you start training with your puppy? Between 8-16 weeks is the most important time to start Training and Socializing with your pup.  It is the most important responsibility you will have as a puppy owner!  Don’t miss your opportunity to introduce your puppy to people, kids, dogs, cats and other strange things at this early stage in their life.  How you handle this 8 week period can have a lasting impact on your puppy.  Don’t wait, train early and train often!

Frequently Asked Puppy Questions:
  • Should I take Puppy class or Manners 1?  If your puppy is 5 months or younger on the class start date, you will enroll into a Puppy class.  If your puppy is over 5 months old when the class begins, you should take a Manners 1 class.
  • Can more than 1 person come?  Yes (see our FAQs page for more details).
  • What do I need to start class?  Your puppy needs a minimum of 2 sets of vaccinations before you can attend a group class.
  • Do I need to sign up online or can I pay when I get there?  Please sign up online to reserve your spot.  Our classes typically fill up and we can not guarantee that there will be space available on the day the class starts.
  • What do I need to bring to class?  Please bring your pups vaccination records to your 1st class.  You will need to bring your dog wearing a flat collar or a harness with a 6′ leash.  You will need a bag of small, soft treats, a clicker, and preferably a treat pouch.  (Yes, we do sell all of these items at our store and cheaper than you will find in most Pet Supply stores).  We also recommend  to bring a doggie bag just incase your dog needs to do his business.  In case you forget, we do keep those handy at our doggie station located near the grass area.

Puppy Kindergarten and Socialization Group Class

In this class you will learn what to do when your puppy is Chewing on things that don’t belong to them, how to Greet correctly with other dogs, how to keep your pup from Jumping on you or your guest, learning to respond when you call their Name, Socialization…getting petted by different people and seeing strange things that are not commonly found in the home, what to do if you have Potty  issues.  All this along with these essential behaviors: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Emergency Recall, Leave-it, Loose Leash Walking.
We highly recommend that you take your puppy on some public outings prior to bringing them to a class so that they can get use to other places, people and things and they do not become fearful and/or nervous.
Your puppy must have a minimum of 2 sets of vaccinations before coming into our training center.
Cost: $150- a 6 week class that meets for fifty minutes, once a week

Puppy Package

Training with your puppy starting as early as 8 weeks through their 1st year of life is critical to make sure they have great socialization skills as an adult.  We highly recommend to start with our Puppy Package if you have a new puppy. The package consist of the following:

1 – In-home training session: Here are just a few of the things we will work on: how to handle puppy mouthing, how to use your crate in a positive manner, what you can and can not leave on the floor, what/how to play with your dog, potty training schedules, etc. and last but certainly not least we will talk about the importance of how to socialize your puppy around people, dogs and strange things.

1 – Puppy Kindergarten group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center that teaches the puppy basics; clicker training, name recognition, impulse control, how to greet with another dog on leash, sit, down, stay, come, leave-it and our fabulous emergency re-call.  We also add puppy socialization with objects that your puppy might not typically see in your home such as a wheel chair, walker, crutches, plastic tarps, etc.

1 – Manners 1 group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center.  This class helps you build a stronger foundation with the commands you learned in puppy class, plus we will add new commands like place, more loose leash walking, sit at the door, etc.

1 – Manners 2 group class: A 6 week group class at Lucky Dog Training Center. In this class we will begin adding bigger distractions for your dog to be successful in the real world.  Your dog will learn to stay focused while other dogs are moving around within 5-10′ of them, people and dogs are running, balls are flying, etc.  We also practice the 10 steps of the Canine Good Citizen test.  After you and your dog have successfully completed the Manners 2 class you will be ready to take the CGC test, sign up for a Sports class such as Agility or maybe a fun class such as What a Lucky Dog.  The best part of having a dog is having a well trained dog that everyone loves.

Cost $553.50 = includes one in-home training session and three six-week classes

To purchase the Puppy Package please click on this link:


After you have purchased the Puppy Package click on the link below to enroll your puppy into a class. To schedule your in home session, please call 817-741-3647.


Puppy Class Schedule

Click on the “Enroll” button below to sign up for a class.  Classes that do not have an  Enroll button have already started.  If the class you are signing up for is full, please send us an email to be added to our waiting list.